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    To meet the demand for high speed/large volume of data transmission, Mektec has been developing and mass producing High Speed Transmission FPCs using low dielectric materials.Mektec provides a total solution including simulation, pattern design, assembly, proposal of materials and stack ups.
    Mektec’s proven technologies and experiences meet the required specifications and contributes to next-generation of high speed communication.


    Low transmission loss in high frequency signal

    ? Low Dk (Low Dielectric Constant)
    ? Low Df (Low Dielectric Tangent)

      LCP PI
    Dk 2.9 3.3
    Df 0.002 0.018

    Stable high frequency characteristics

    ?Low water absorption

      LCP PI
    Water Absorption(%) <0.04 1.5

    Serial Communication Standard and Speed

    Dielectric Properties of Materials

    Antenna FPC Application Example

    Analog/Digital Signal Combination FPC

    Under Developing

  • HOME »  Product Information »  High Speed Transmission FPC
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